Ankur Saxena

Ankur Saxena - Mentor

Ankur Saxena has been successful in transforming the IT and Development function in Oxigen. He has institutionalized internationally accepted best practices, to help Oxigen become a tech savvy, systems and process driven organization.IT and applications are at the core of all Oxigen business. As our operations become more complex with very high transactions Volumes, he has strengthened and stream line this function. The function comprise of four verticals. (a) The operational core, Back End & Web Developments. (b) Embedded devices (POS) and applications. (c) Networks / Systems Management and Web coding. (d) ERP, Process mapping, compliance and automation.

He has provided his expertise to lead the changes in technology development and IT functions. IT systems and networking environment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and Ankur's assignment is to ensure Oxigen attains cutting edge capabilities. Ankur Saxena has spent 13 years in the USA where he studied for his Bachelor and Masters in Telecom and Computer Sciences and worked for Motorola and Lemco Corp. for 10 years in software development and architecting of Next Generation telecom networks. Ankur an NRI is part of the "Promoter Group of Oxigen" and is nominated on the Board of Oxigen.